India’s growing cancer burden tells an ominous tale. To counter this growing threat, the new Apollo Proton Cancer Centre provides a complete and comprehensive solution. As cancer care has become one of the fastest growing healthcare imperatives in our country, we believe it is critical to redefine our purpose, to reboot our commitment on the single-minded focus - to battle cancer, to conquer cancer! APCC stands for a new hope for billions. It is arming 3.5 billion people with hope. Infusing them with the courage to stand and stare cancer down.

  • Awareness

    Apollo Hospitals has been a pioneer in introducing comprehensive cancer screening in India. Apollo’s 360-degree cancer care programme has worked hard to ensure wide access to early detection through its Organ Specific Cancer Screening Clinics

  • Accessible

    Cancer Care at Apollo Hospitals seeks to take ground breaking developments in oncology to the very bottom of the pyramid. The Group has constantly stretched, both in commitment and innovation, to take cancer care to as many people as possible

  • Ailment-focussed

    Apollo has made unprecedented investments in next generation infrastructure and cutting-edge technology & equipment to offer the most comprehensive and integrated approach to cancer care

  • Affordable

    Cost advantage is a key pillar in Apollo’s mission of touching life with the gift of health. The Group has consistently cutting-edge healthcare at a fraction of global costs

Proton Therapy uses highly charged proton particles, delivered at high energy, to target and attack cancer cells.

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