our mission

"Our mission is to bring healthcare of International standards within the reach of every individual. We are committed to the achievement and maintenance of excellence in education, research and healthcare for the benefit of humanity".

Apollo Proton Cancer Hospital


The Apollo Proton Cancer Centre (APCC) is a 150-bed integrated cancer hospital that offers state-of-the-art comprehensive cancer care. It is South Asia & the Middle East's first Proton Therapy and a major milestone in India's concerted focus to battle and conquer cancer. Powered by a cutting-edge multi room Proton Centre, APCC is revolutionizing radiation oncology not just in India, but across the region. The hospital is a beacon of hope for over 3.5 billion people.

The advanced Proton Therapy at APCC is complemented by a fully integrated treatment suite that offers the most advanced treatment procedures in surgical, radiation, medical oncology. True to the Apollo Pillars of Expertise and Excellence, the Centre brings together a powerful medical team helmed by some of the influential names in cancer care.

At the bedrock of APCC's approach to treat cancer is its robust multi-disciplinary platform; highly skilled professionals - united by expertise and commitment - come together to form Cancer Management Teams (CMT). Each CMT is focused on delivering the best possible outcomes to their patients.

Advanced Proton Therapy Centre


You already knew we are the first Proton Centre in the region. Here is why we are the best too! The Apollo Proton Cancer Centre is a game-changer in cancer care in South East Asia. Not only has APCC introduced proton therapy to the region, but it has ensured that our patients benefit from the most advanced proton therapy available. To appreciate the true power of the APCC offering, we have to understand the dynamics that drive Proton Therapy.

Proton Therapy can be administered through a multi-room delivery framework or a more compact single-room set up. Single room centres are what might be considered as the entry-level models in Proton Therapy. They are effective, but the performance is undoubtedly compromised by lesser gantry space, an underpowered cyclotron etc. Multi-room Proton Centres, on the other hand, are at the very pinnacle of radiation oncology currently. Powerful cyclotrons, fully revolving gantries and state-of-the-art delivery modes ensure unprecedented precision and success rates that are redefining global benchmarks.

Apollo Proton Cancer Centre offers patients the most advanced multi-room Proton Therapy. Powered by the trendsetting Proteus Plus, it matches the high performance of the most powerful Proton Centres in the world.

Comprehensive 360 degree Cancer Care

Apollo Cancer Care has been an integral part of Apollo Hospitals, and has played a pivotal role in the Group's mission to redefine healthcare excellence in the region. Oncology, at Apollo, is a well established Centre-of- Excellence with dedicated centres that offer comprehensive cancer care. Apollo's unique CMT approach and the Group's holistic focus and inherent capability of cross-utilisation of skills from medical fields, has made it a robust and effective solution for patients at all stages of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.

The Apollo Hospitals Cancer Group has over 180 Oncologists across the network. As the treatment of cancer involves tremendous physical and emotional strain, the hospital provides extra support to cancer patients by counselling them to stay positive and to eat right - thereby speeding up the recovery process. Specially trained medical counsellors, speech therapists, dieticians and other professionals, provide support to the teams. The measurable successes that the hospitals have achieved in cancer care attract thousands of national and international patients each year.

Clinical Excellence through Tumour Boards

Apollo Hospitals provides treatment through the Tumour Board. Apollo Tumour Boards are handpicked forums of the finest specialists in cancer care. They represent decades of experience and expertise in cutting-edge oncology. The mission of the Tumour Boards is to take the fight against cancer to the next frontier, and redefine clinical benchmarks and outcomes. Apollo Tumour Boards bring together the brightest minds in Surgical, Medical & Radiation Oncology, Histopathology and a host of other ancillary experts who examine referred cases and jointly decide on the best line of treatment for them. For patients, the Apollo Tumour Boards stand for hope and the resolute truth that cancer is conquerable!


Cancer care at Apollo begins with the conviction that cancer is conquerable. This conviction fuels our single-minded mission in Oncology - to fight cancer, beat cancer! Our Cancer Programme has been built on the bedrock of expertise and commitment; it is driven forward by innovation and a focus on excellence.

Powered by cumulative experience across specialities; a pioneer in integrated cancer care, Apollo leverages its immense multi-speciality expertise to offer the most comprehensive cancer treatment.


Tender Loving Care (TLC) are three simple words that have a profound impact on everything the group does.


The coming together of highly skilled doctors and the finest healthcare technology is Apollo Hospitals’ definitive edge.


Since its very beginning the group has consistently pushed the envelope in terms of clinical excellence and outcomes.