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Apollo Specialty Cancer Hospitals, Chennai celebrated Rose Day to applaud the courage and spirit of children battling cancer

Date: 2017-09-22
Location: Chennai


The courage, endurance and the spirit of children who have fought valiantly against cancer is celebrated each year on Rose Day, on the 22nd of September all over the world. The Paediatric Haematology and Oncology unit at Apollo Speciality Cancer Hospitals was inaugurated in 2002. Over the last 15 years, children with cancer and blood disorders have been treated here by a team of Doctors, Nurses and Paramedical Staff using state of the art technology. The mantra all along has been holistic care delivered with a smile. Each year, over 100 new children with cancer are being managed by a multidisciplinary team including Paediatric Oncologists, Surgeons and Radiation Oncologists. Each year, Rose Day reinforces our belief that the work done helps every single child achieve all their dreams and give back to society.

Bone Marrow transplantation is the only curative option for patients with blood disorders like thalassaemia major, high risk leukaemia and primary immune deficiency disorders. They undergo high doses of chemotherapy or radiotherapy before receiving their donor's stem cells. Intensive supportive care needs to be provided for 2 weeks before the new cells start producing healthy blood. This year, on Rose Day, the hospital has crossed a landmark milestone by performing over 1000 bone marrow transplants. This year we have joined hands to show our appreciation to our patients and donors who have struggled together to achieve miracle cures. The day is also dedicated to all the blood donors, bone marrow donors and individuals and NGOs who have sponsored patients to ensure equal access to healthcare for all. Families from all over India and over 25 countries stand testimony to the care provided. In the words of Dr. Preetha Reddy our Vice Chairman - 'Heal in India' is the new mantra.

The patients were also visited by Actress Niki Galrani who applauded them for their will power and determination to battle cancer.

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