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Dr. Indumathi Consultant Paediatric Anesthesiologist.

Dr. Indumathi is a consultant Anesthesiologist with special training and expertise in paediatric anesthesia. Soon after her MD, she decided to persue paediatric anesthesia . She specialises in the anesthesia for sick and critically ill children coming for surgery. She is specially trained in newborn anesthesia for sick newborns coming for surgery.


Education and Training

  • Undergraduation from Thanjavur medical college. Tamilnadu.

  • Post graduation(MD) from Madras medical college, Tamilnadu.

  • Training in paediatric anesthesia from The Institute of Child Health, Chennai.

Professional Work

The largest paediatric hospital in Tamil nadu, the Institute of Child Health(ICH), Chennai, in paediatric anesthesia department.

  • Worked independently with paediatric patients posted for emergency surgeries, elective and day care surgeries, with a case load of 30 surgeries per day on an average.

  • Worked in Newborn OT, dedicated for newborn surgies, with a case load of 3 cases per day on an average. Newborns with congenital anomalies, low and extreme low birth weight neonates were her special area of interest.

Apollo Children’s Hospital, chennai

  • Management of paediatric patients, including newborn and critically ill children, posted for surgeries including oncosurgeries, especially neuro tumors like posterior fossa tumors, abdominal tumors like Wilms tumor (two of which were ruptured wilms tumor), Rhabdomyosarcomas, pheocromocytomas, bronchogenic carcinomas, mediastinal tumors, spinal and paraspinal tumors, orthopedic tumors posted for limb salvage with prostheses implants, apart from other regular surgeries. Average case load of 200 per month.

  • Out of OR anesthesia in MRI, CT, endoscopy, bone marrow aspiration, Bronchoscopies. Average case load of 300 per month.

  • USG guided Regional blocks for postoperative analgesia.

  • Vascular access in newborn and children with difficulties in access.

  • Active participation in ICU and NICU - airway management, resuscitation, case discussions and workshops.

Reasearch and presentations

  • Resarch and presentations in paediatric Anaesthesia - Role of Dexmeditomidine in MRI sedation, Buprenorphine in caudal anesthesia for urological surgery, Parental satisfaction assay in paediatric surgery(PAPS survey) at the IAPA (Indian association of paediatric anesthesia), South Asian paediatric anesthesia association, south zone anesthesia conference, to name a few.

  • Authored an animated story book for kids coming for proton sedation.