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Proton Therapy For Cancer Treatment

Apollo Proton Advisory Board An alliance of excellence

Proton Therapy is one of the exciting areas in Radiation Oncology. Globally, the treatment of cancers using powerful proton beams has gained great momentum. The ultra-precision and the sheer superiority in terms of outcomes have led Proton Therapy to be accepted at the forefront of cancer treatment.

The Apollo Proton Cancer Centre is the nation’s first foray into this revolutionary field. The onus is on the stakeholders of cancer care in India to nurture this technology and the ecosystem around it. The Apollo Proton Advisory Board is a positive step in this direction.

The Apollo Proton Advisory Board is a forum of highly skilled radiation oncologists, physicists and other professionals dedicated in cancer management, with special expertise in technical and clinical aspects of Proton Therapy.

The mission of the Board is to educate and empower the Oncology fraternity; work towards a reality where Proton Therapy is the preferred mode of treatment to treat the complex cases of cancer.

The mandate of the APAB is clear – be the conduit for seamless patient referrals and workflow, create a community that is informed and inspired to help Proton Therapy break new ground.

  • Ensure appropriate utilization of proton therapy in emerging clinical indications and help in continued clinical evidence development and clinical effectiveness.

  • Regular web based joint meetings with an aim to discuss patients and scientific clinical data based on treatment planning and clinical trials.

  • Work with other national and international groups and share mutually beneficial clinical experiences, conducting joint and meaningful cutting edge dosimetric, clinical and translational research work. The aim would be to generate quality and high-level evidence data, as per appropriately designed and well-powered, preferably prospective studies with clinically relevant end points.

  • Schedule regular brainstorming to evaluate the rapidly developing technological and scientific information about Proton Therapy and methodology to implement and expand the scope of Proton Therapy in existing and future facilities.

  • The Apollo Proton Advisory Board will be chaired by the Medical Director of the Apollo Proton Cancer Centre. He/she will helm a core group of physicians and key physicists from the member hospitals. The board will be further strengthened with the insights and opinions of some of the most senior doctors from Apollo’s vast Cancer Care network.

  • APAB has forged a strategic alliance with the Baptist Health South Florida, Miami Cancer Institute. This partnership has given us invaluable insights to drive new levels of clinical outcomes and excellence with Proton Therapy. The association is the blueprint we will follow as we seek more collaboration with international groups of great repute and expertise in Proton Therapy and Oncology care.