To battle a disease like cancer that has a debilitating effect on not just a patient’s body but also their life itself, an innovative approach is needed to battle it out. At the Apollo Proton Cancer Centre, we bring together the best minds fighting specific cancer groups through our unique Cancer Management Teams (CMTs).

Each CMT is made up of the brightest minds who straddle diverse disciplines like surgery, radiation & medical oncology, pathology, rehabilitation and several others. A CMT is further fortified by world-class support staff like nurses, dieticians, therapists and clinical trial coordinators. Collaboratively, with years of experience and expertise, our CMTs create innovative clinical solutions that are unique to the needs of the patients, and aimed towards providing a healthier future for them.



Cancer is a complex disease that devitalizes the mind, body and soul. One of the most important thing in the fight against cancer is its detection. The earlier the cancer is detected and treated, the better the chances of survival. There are different types of cancer that affect the human body, each having its unique set of symptoms and treatments. Cancers like those affecting the skin, mouth, prostate, rectum, testicles and breasts, can be detected in the early stages through a self-analysis or a screening method. However, most patients are given a diagnosis only after a tumour is felt, or other serious symptoms are detected.

For patients, that diagnosis effectively changes the course of their life. It is the start of a journey that demands high-end medical treatment, collaborative clinical efforts, and immense hope for a healthier, brighter future. At Apollo Proton Cancer Care, we strive to fulfill the same for every single patient we treat.


APCC combines the most advanced multi-modal treatment protocols to battle and conquer cancer. We bring to the table the most cutting-edge advancements in the areas of surgical, medical and radiation oncology. Apart from introducing game-changing equipment like Radixact Tomotherapy and Proton Therapy, our focus at APCC is to raise the benchmark across all the touch-points in the entire cancer care spectrum. From screening, to nursing to treatment and rehabilitation our experts at APCC are pushing the envelope in terms of clinical excellence and outcomes in Oncology.