APCC combines the most advanced multi-modal treatment protocols to battle and conquer cancer. We bring to the table the the most cutting-edge advancements in the areas of surgical, medical and radiation oncology. Other than introducing game-changing equipment like Radixact Tomotherapy and Proton Beam Therapy, our focus at APCC is to raise the benchmark across all the touch-points in the entire cancer care spectrum. From screening, to nursing to treatment and rehabilitation our experts at APCC are pushing the envelope in terms of clinical excellence and outcomes in oncology.

Accurately Diagnosing Cancer: The First Step in Treatment

The treatment process at APCC begins with best-in-class diagnostics. A confluence of cutting-edge technology, high skill and great expertise give us a definitive edge in this vital area of cancer care. Our focus on diagnostics is imperative for our mission of better cancer care. As knowledge pertaining to the genetic and molecular profile of each cancer becomes increasingly incremental, having an in-depth understanding of mutational load and profile becomes critical.

In healthcare, knowledge is empowerment. Identifying the exact problem is the beginning of the process of optimal treatment. Identifying the ailment provides clarity of purpose and direction, which are mission-critical in the process of cure. Therefore, accurate diagnostics are the bedrock of world-class clinical outcomes.

At APCC, we strive to go beyond the cutting-edge technology and resources to work closely with our multi-disciplinary team to customize a treatment plan best suited for you.