"Non-cancerous chest wall tumors are relatively common. Cancerous chest wall tumors are rare and must be treated."


Very rare tumours arising from the chest wall may be benign or malignant. It can arise from the skin, subcutaneous tissues, muscle, ribs, bones, nerves etc. accounting for approximately 6 percent of all STS and approximately one-half of all malignant tumors arising on the chest wall. They can arise from mesenchymal tissue at any body site.

Clinical presentation - Swelling/pain/ incidentally detected on routine chest radiograph for unrelated issues

Types of cancer - Sarcomas Chondrosarcoma of the bone Rarely Squamous cell carcinoma of the skin

Winning Over Cancer

Mr Mohammed Jamal Uddin from Bangladesh shares his experience about undergoing Proton treatment for his lung tumour at Apollo Proton Cancer Centre.

Watch him speak about his journey.


Mr. Praboth Palit from Mumbai shares an emotional journey of his treatment at Apollo Proton Cancer Centre. Despite facing a lot of challenges in the beginning, Praboth never lost his hope which is highly commendable.

He thanked Mr. John Chandy , Dr. Srinivas Chilukuri, and the entire team for their support and guidance.