"Non-cancerous chest wall tumors are relatively common. Cancerous chest wall tumors are rare and must be treated."



Biopsy MRI of the involved area CT chest to exclude ling metastasis Treatment — Wide local resection and reconstruction if the defect is large is the standard curative treatment for chest wall cancers.



How do we do it in APCC?

We do a 3 Dimensional preoperative mapping of the tumour area and the adjacent normal textures, and measure the area of defect and reconstruct with titanium in case of rib resection and sternum ( breast bones) with polypropylene mesh to safeguard the lungs and the underlying structures.


Histologic grade, the presence or absence of metastatic disease, and achieving macroscopic total resection are the major determinants of survival.

Winning Over Cancer

Mr Mohammed Jamal Uddin from Bangladesh shares his experience about undergoing Proton treatment for his lung tumour at Apollo Proton Cancer Centre.

Watch him speak about his journey.


Mr. Praboth Palit from Mumbai shares an emotional journey of his treatment at Apollo Proton Cancer Centre. Despite facing a lot of challenges in the beginning, Praboth never lost his hope which is highly commendable.

He thanked Mr. John Chandy , Dr. Srinivas Chilukuri, and the entire team for their support and guidance.