our mission

The battle against cancer demands the coming together of a wide range of stakeholders. We seek to create a vibrant tapestry of the finest minds in cancer care to unite in this crucial mission.


The Apollo Proton Cancer Centre (APCC) is a state-of-the-art cancer hospital that offers the most sophisticated 360-degree cancer care. It is South East Asia’s first proton therapy centre and a major milestone in India’s concerted focus to battle and conquer cancer.

Apollo Hospitals sounded the clarion call to take the battle to cancer over two decades back and since then has played a pivotal role in ensuring that India emerges as a global leader in the fight against cancer. This mission to conquer cancer demands the confluence of the most modern technology and the collaboration and commitment of entire Oncology fraternity in the nation. At APCC we strive to create an ecosystem of excellence; where knowledge and priceless experience is shared. We seek to create a platform that touches and enriches lives with the dynamic and powerful impact of cutting-edge technology. Our mission is to give every patient their possible chance to vanquish cancer; your support is critical for the success of this mission.

Our patient referral system is guided by the unwavering values of complete transparency and regular dialogue. We understand you care for your patients; our protocols make sure that there is close communication with the primary healthcare professional and we go the extra mile to ensure that you are always a part of the treatment process.

We are looking to build a vibrant community that is united in its vision of curing cancer with a stretch in innovation, commitment and empathy. Being a part of this community gives us a ringside view of the most exciting new developments in this field – be in path breaking clinical trials, incisive learning material or the chance to keep track of the most impactful conferences in proton therapy.