our mission

The battle against cancer demands the coming together of a wide range of stakeholders. We seek to create a vibrant tapestry of the finest minds in cancer care to unite in this crucial mission.


The Apollo Proton Cancer Centre (APCC) is an integrated cancer hospital that offers advanced 360-degree cancer care. It is South East Asia's first proton therapy centre, and a major milestone in India's concentrated effort to conquer cancer. Powered by an innovative multi-room Proton Therapy Centre, APCC is revolutionizing Radiation Oncology not just in India, but across the Asia-Pacific region – becoming a beacon of hope for over 3.5 billion people.

At APCC, our advanced proton therapy is complemented by a fully integrated treatment suite that offers the most cutting-edge treatment procedures in Surgical, Radiation, and Medical Oncology. Holding true to the Apollo pillars of Expertise and Excellence, APCC houses a powerful medical team which is helmed by some of the most influential names in cancer care.

Our approach towards cancer care is best exemplified by our robust multi-disciplinary Cancer Management Teams (CMTs). Highly skilled professionals, united by expertise and commitment, come together to form our unique CMTs. Each CMT is focused on delivering the best possible outcomes to their patients.


The Apollo Proton Cancer Centre is a game-changer in cancer care in South East Asia. Not only has APCC introduced proton therapy to the region, but it has ensured that our patients benefit from the most advanced treatment method available. To appreciate the true benefits of this offering, we have to understand the dynamics that drive proton therapy.

Proton therapy can be administered through a multi-room delivery framework or a more compact single-room set up. Single room centres are what might be considered as the entry-level models in proton therapy. While they are effective in their results, the performance could be compromised by lesser gantry space, and an underpowered cyclotron. In comparison, Multi-room Proton Therapy Centres are at the very pinnacle of Radiation Oncology. The availability of powerful cyclotrons, fully revolving gantries and state-of-the-art delivery modes in multi-room centres ensure unprecedented precision and success rates that are redefining global benchmarks.

APCC offers patients the most advanced multi-room proton therapy. Powered by the trendsetting Proteus Plus, it matches the high performance of leading proton therapy centres in the world.

Absolute Accuracy in Proton Treatment

What makes Proton Therapy at APCC superior ABSOLUTE ACCURACY. PEAK PERFORMANCE

Our proton offering leverages the latest clinical milestones in cancer care, such as Image-guided Intensity Modulated Proton Therapy (IMPT). IMPT allows surgeons to set the precision, depth and intensity of the proton therapy to match the peaks and lows of complex tumours, leaving nearby healthy tissue unharmed. The beams are delivered at the exact location where needed. This level of precision and adaptability provided by IMPT makes it the optimal solution for treating tumours that surround vital organs.

Pencil Beam Scanning

At APCC we use the leading-edge Pencil Beam Scanning as the high-performance delivery mode for IMPT. In Pencil Beam Scanning, the proton beams sculpt the shape of the tumour with micro-millimetre accuracy and then paints it, one voxel at a time.

At any point of time, only a microscopic part of the tumour is treated and the pencil beam constantly realigns to adjust for the movements as the changing shape and size of the tumour. Pencil Beam Scanning ensures a lesser neutron dose to the patient, as compared to delivery techniques like Double Scattering or Uniform Scanning.

3D Cone-Beam CT Image-Guided Proton Therapy (IGPT)

Our promise of precision is enhanced by integrating high-end Image-Guided Proton Therapy into our offering. Using proprietary technology, our proton treatment can leverage latest image guidance features like 3D Cone Beam CT to deliver the highest echelons of treatment.

Real-time imagery from the Cone Beam CT is invaluable for patient position verification and anatomical modification assessment. 3D volumetric X-Ray imaging and Cone-Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) offer soft-tissue contrast, providing much more information than a conventional stereoscopic alignment system.

Ambient Experience

Great design is not just about how a product looks, it is about how it works and how empathetic it is towards the user. Our standards have always been uncompromising when it comes to patient experience, and so it is no surprise that the equipment we use for our proton therapy makes customer comfort and convenience a great priority. In partnership with Phillips, the world leaders in ambient lighting, our centre has the ground-breaking Ambient Experience.

Based on insights from proton patients, our equipment uses dynamic lighting, projection and sound to transform a cold, impersonal environment into one that is soothing and comfortable. The Ambient Experience not only has a positive impact on patients and staff, but has shown proven results in improving workflows and augmenting throughput.