What are brain and spine tumours?

The Central Nervous System (CNS) is made up of the brain and the spinal cord. CNS tumours are abnormal cells in the brain and spinal tissue. Commonly referred to as brain tumours, these cancers are rampant and have an increasingly large global incidence.

Brain tumours that originate in the brain are called primary brain tumours; the ones that spread to the brain are known as metastatic brain tumours. These tumours can be benign or malignant - both of which require specialized treatment.

Why APCC for Central Nervous System Tumours?

The Neuro-Oncology Cancer Management Group at APCC helps patients navigate the complex journey from their first visit to APCC to post-treatment rehabilitation. The singular focus is to offer patient’s a personalized and comprehensive plan that leverages the inherent multi-disciplinary expertise of the team and recommends treatment protocols with the best possible outcomes and one which ensures the highest quality of life post-treatment.

The CMT represents the confluence of cutting-edge science, unwavering patient focus and the strong emotional bedrock required to conquer the challenge of brain tumour. The CNS Cancer Management Team is constantly pushing the envelope to advance the clinical and basic science behind the various brain and spinal cord tumours both benign and malignant including management of skull base tumours.

The Neuro-Oncology CMT has been treating tumours in the brain, skull-base and spinal regions including some of them being complex and located in critical areas.

Types of Central Nervous System Tumours

Winning over Cancer with Apollo Proton Cancer Centre

The growing burden of cancer across the globe tells an ominous tale. To counter this growing threat, Apollo Hospitals introduces Proton Beam therapy with focused cancer management teams that will provide optimal solutions like never before. We believe it is critical to redefine our purpose, to reboot our commitment on the single-minded focus to win over cancer. APCC stands as a ray of hope for millions of patients as they join us in the battle to win over cancer.