Neuro Surgery

Apollo is a name synonymous with excellence in health care. Established as a centre of excellence within the Apollo groups, Apollo Proton Cancer Center, Taramani, Chennai is dedicated to provide the best of what medical science has to offer.

We provide life saving, life transforming and technically demanding neurosurgical services to both adults and children. Our neurosurgeons are highly qualified, having trained in world class institutions across the world. The vast experience, of a combined 15000 complex brain and spine surgeries, assure you that you are in safe hands.

A 2018 study reports that around 300000 cases of brain cancer are diagnosed world wide every year! Brain cancer, unlike those in other parts of the body confronts us with unique challenges. Brain and spinal cord are the seats of almost all of our day today functions like vision, hearing, sensation, motor movements and memory, among others. Every area has a unique function. This warrants exceptionally fine and delicate surgical strategy, more than for any other surgical zones.

Our team of neurosurgeons handle the most complex of cases. This surgical excellence is supplemented by a vast array of leading edge technology that ensure the optimal results. Some of the technologies employed include neuronavigation with fibre tracking technology and fMRI, ultrasound aspirator, fluorescence guided tumour resection, top of the line Kinevo 900 microscope, awake craniotomy, stereotactic surgeries, intraoperative monitoring and nerve stimulation, deep brain stimulation, intraoperative angiograms, radiofrequency ablations and neuroendoscopy.

Our team has a great academic reputation, with robust research and innovations. This consistently keeps us ahead of the pack, and helps delivering the most advanced, evidence backed treatment to our patients. We take care of our patients like family, and we leave no stone unturned in assuring nothing but the best possible outcome.

We care!

Why APCC? How is it different?

Our aim is not to be different. But, to be the best.

The surgical skills of our well experienced surgeons are complemented by the best of what technology has to offer. We mention some of the equipments and unique surgical techniques that we routinely employ.

  • Operating Microscope - ZEISS KINEVO 900, the most advanced system available worldwide, has redefined surgical visualisation . With its unique blend of optical and digital modalities, Kinevo provides the neurosurgeons, a much needed ammunition in their fight against CNS ( Central nervous system ) cancers. Its seamless integration with Stealth neuronavigation system, with augmented reality visualisation during a complex surgery, epitomises the perfect synergy of technology and skill.
  • StealthStation S 8 Neuronavigation system allows us to precisely locate anatomic structures in either open or percutaneous procedures. StealthStation S8 is the most advanced neuronavigation system in the world. It is a combination of hardware, software and tracking algorithms, with specialised equipment to help the neurosurgeon map his way along this difficult terrain during surgery. Like a GPS guided google map; but within the brain!
  • CUSA - Sonopet Cavitron Ultrasonic Surgical Aspirator uses ultrasonic technology to help removing tumours. The tips vibrate in very high frequency in the range of more than 50 GHz and loosen up the pathological tissues, while an additional suction sucks out these tissues. This process selectively spares healthy tissue, blood vessels and nerves while cavitating and selectively sucking out the tumour tissue.
  • IONM - Intraoperative Neuro monitoring makes use of advances in electrophysiology to minimise the risk of injury to neural pathways during neurosurgical procedures of the brain and spine - SSEP, MEP, EEG, EMG, BAEP, VEP, mapping of motor and sensory cortex, language areas and subcortical tracts mapping has made surgery much safer to protect functionally vital nervous tissue of the body.
  • Tumour Fluorescence in Brain tumour surgery - The advanced Kinevo operating microscope facilitates the use of fluorescent dyes (5- ALA & Sodium fluorescein) during brain tumour surgery to identify and distinguish tumour from normal tissue in the brain and spinal cord. This facilitates removal of tumours selectively while preserving the normal brain.

Types Of Surgeries

APCC is a high volume centre for complex neurosurgical procedures. We have adequate experience and expertise in tackling these challenging neurosurgical conditions.

  • Keyhole surgery : This is a modern neurosurgical concept that aims to achieve excellent surgical results, through a very small opening, that earlier required a large skull opening (craniotomy). This minimizes cost by way of reduced hospital stay, less pain, less blood loss etc. A supra-brow key hole craniotomy for aneurysms or suprasellar lesions( tuberculum sella meningioma, craniopharyngioma etc.) would be an apt example.
  • Awake craniotomy : Our team has done the maximum number of awake craniotomies in the country. This helps us achieve supra maximal resection, with absolute safety to the patient’s functional capacity. This requires a great coordination between the surgeon, anesthetist, the assessing neurophysiologist and the nursing team.
  • Complex spinal surgeries : The best of intraoperative neuromonitoring systems, help us during surgeries in within and just outside the spinal cord. Coupling with a digital C-arm image intensifier that can be integrated with the spinal neuronavigation system, enables precise localization during tumour resection and instrumentation, with real time monitoring of the spinal cord functions.
  • Pediatric neurosurgery : A child is understandably more delicate than an adult, requiring a specific training in both surgery and anesthesia. Our surgeons are well trained and have the expertise to handle complex surgeries in even preterm children. Removal of complex cranio-spinal tumours in children, endoscopic craniosynostosis surgery, selective dorsal rhizotomies for spasticity and endoscopic treatments for intraventricular problems like hydrocephalus, arachnoid cysts etc. are some of the conditions that we handle.
  • Advanced skull base surgery : Large tumours of the skull base require a multi disciplinary approach with a combination of endoscopic and microsurgical excision of tumours. Our neurooncology surgeons and the Head and neck team work together to achieve maximal tumour clearance. For large and invasive skull base tumours involving the crucial vasculature to the brain, we perform high flow vascular bypass to radically eliminate the tumour.
  • Advanced neurovascular surgeries : Our team has a reputation for performing some of the most complex surgeries like clipping of basilar artery aneurysm, low and high flow vascular bypass surgeries for Moya Moya disease, carotid endarterectomy for impending stroke and complex arteriovenous malformations. Intraoperative microscopic angiography (ICG) is an essential tool in such surgeries.
  • Neuromodulation : This is a very modern concept, aided by advancement in technology. We are unique in providing a comprehensive neuromodulation surgeries. We regularly perform deep brain stimulations (DBS) for Parkinson’s disease, dystonia etc, spinal cord stimulation of complex pain syndromes, Baclofen pumps for spasticity, sacral nerve stimulation for bladder dysfunction, phrenic nerve stimulation for diaphragmatic palsy etc.
  • Epilepsy surgery : Epilepsy is a complex disease that involves a whole team of specialized experts. Here we have the complete team for diagnosis, work-up and surgery for epilepsy. Facilities for evaluation, like a PET scan, function MRI (fMRI) and a seizure monitoring unit (SMU) are available. Our neurosurgeons have expertise in performing complex procedures like hemispherotomies, customised intraoperative recording ( electrocorticography or ECOG) guided resection, vagal nerve stimulation etc.
  • Emergencies : When it comes to the nervous system, literally “Time is brain”. We have an excellent team of specialists with neurosurgeons, neuroanesthetists, neurologists, endovascular intervention specialists and a team of intensivists to manage various neurological emergencies like head trauma, stroke, spontaneous intra cranial hemorrhage, sub arachnoid hemorrhage, hydrocephalus and cortical venous thrombosis to name a few.

Multidisciplinary Care

  • Patient centred management is at the core philosophy of our patient care.
  • We have experts in various fields and the highest level technologies that aid them. Neurologists, neuroradiologists, neuropsychiatrists, neuropsychologists, neuro-rehabilitation specialists, neuropathologists, neurophysiologists, neurotechnetians and neuronurses are some of our associates helmed by highly experienced and trained professionals, who are essential for our delivering the best care to our patients.
  • Our cancer care is one of the best in the world with the most advanced technology like a proton beam therapy at our disposal. But, even more crucial than this is our expert team of medical and radiation oncologists.
  • Our excellent neurointensive care department, provides the most reassuring care to some of our more ill patients, with constant interdepartmental communication and cooperation.
  • Our pain medicine specialists provide for excellent comfort, and sometimes we offer neurosurgical solutions for these.
  • We even provide spiritual support, in a secular fashion, to the patient and family that needs them at times of distress.
  • All of us have only one focus. Its you, the patient. Your well being, physically, functionally and emotionally is our goal.


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Bone Cancer Winner East Africa

Winning over Cancer with Apollo Proton Cancer Centre

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