The entire Apollo family is unified in the mission to deliver cutting-edge healthcare with empathy and understanding for the patient. Patient delight is our beacon in the journey of healing.

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The battle to conquer cancer demands the steely determination and fortitude to stand firm and stare cancer down. This fight involves not just the patient but the people around them too. It is our mission to provide the patient and their families with the care and the empathy that is so vital in the treatment process.

Being patient-centric is the core of our existence. Tender Loving Care is our way of life - three simple words that have a profound impact on everything we do. TLC is a silent revolution that sweeps the corridors of every Apollo Hospital, every single day. Its objective is simple and clear - ensure the best patient experience possible.


The earlier you detect possible signs of cancer, the better the chances of survival. It’s is prudent to be aware of the signs of the cancer. Though there is no guarantee that all cancers exhibit early symptoms, most cancers do have warning signs.


Screening at APCC uses the most advanced methodology. Detailed examination, comprehensive testing, genetic evaluation and cutting-edge imaging go into each and every screening.

Family History

Genetics play a significant role in cancer incidence. Sometimes inherited cancer genes can be passed on from parent to child. An inherited faulty gene doesn’t mean that a person will definitely get cancer but it increases the risk of developing particular types of cancer. Regular cancer screenings are recommended for families with a high incidence of cancer.

Planning for First visit / Treatment

The fear of cancer is a very real one. Years of experience in cancer care has made us fully aware of the distress the patient and the family go through in the initial days of diagnosis and treatment. We seek greater empathy for the patient in this trying time and have engineered our processes to be as friendly as possible.

At APCC our focus on being patient-centric consists of best practices that encompass the universe of patient touchpoints. We know from experience that with more clarity comes more confidence. Here is a list of things to keep ready with you when you plan your visit to APCC. It will help save time and streamline the process for your convenience.

Items you should carry with you: