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What is a proton? 
What is proton therapy? 
What is the history of proton therapy? How long has proton therapy been used for medical purposes? 
What makes proton therapy different from traditional radiation? 
Does proton therapy have a higher cure rate than conventional radiation therapy? 
How accurate is the delivery of proton beams into the body? 
Which cancers can be treated with proton therapy? 
What is Pencil Beam Scanning? 
When is Pencil Beam Scanning used? 
How do proton therapy side effects compare with traditional radiation side effects? 
How can I find out if I'm a candidate for proton therapy? 
Is proton therapy experimental? 
Are there any ongoing studies related to proton therapy and its long-term outcomes? 
How does the treatment process work? 
Typically, how long does the patient require Proton therapy? 
What happens during a treatment session? 
Can proton therapy be combined with other treatment options? 
Can children with cancer receive proton therapy? 
Do I need a doctor's referral to be an Apollo Proton cancer centre patient? 
Is there a wait list for an appointment or consultation? 
Why should I choose Apollo Proton cancer centre? 
What makes Apollo Proton cancer centre different? 
What is APCC? 
What are the facilities in APCC? 
Where is APCC located? 
How is Proton Therapy at APCC different? 
What is 360 degree cancer care in Apollo Hospitals? 
How long has the group been involved in cancer care? 
What is Apollo Tumour board? 
What is Apollo Proton Advisory board? 
What is the APCC Volunteer Program? 
What do Apollo Volunteers do? 
What is the Apollo Cancer Foundation? 
What are the treatments available at APCC? 
What is high end diagnostics at APCC? 
What are the surgical oncology offerings at APCC? 
What are the different kinds of surgery offered at APCC? 
What robotic surgery procedures does APCC offer? 
What are the benefits of robotic surgery in cancer care? 
What are the radiation oncology offerings at APCC? 
What are the medical oncology offerings at APCC? 
Does APCC offer clinical trials? 
What are the items you should carry on your visit to APCC? 
What are the concierge services at APCC? 
What rehabilitations are offered in APCC? 
Does APCC have support groups? 
What are cancer management teams?