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Paediatric Cancer Treatment At APCC

Pre Treatment

Initial Consultation

The treatment process at APCC begins with a consultation with a specialized oncologist and Disease management team of experts from the specific Cancer Management Team that your treatment demands. The purpose of this consultation is to explain the treatment roadmap and understand how Proton Beam Therapy will be used to attack cancer cells. This session is also very useful to clear any doubts the patient and family might have. We also will provide e- consultation for the international patients and second opinions through our portal.

Detailed Physical examination

During the visit, your physician will perform a detailed history and physical examination. Our oncologist will also discuss their findings with other members of the multidisciplinary treatment team so that all treatments, such as surgery , proton treatment and chemotherapy, will be coordinated to ensure that you can receive the best possible care.

Treatment Simulation

Before the Proton Beam Therapy begins, the patient undergoes a process called "simulation" to confirm the exact location that the treatment machine will treat. Treatment simulation can be conducted on either an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), CT (Computed Tomography) scanner or Digital PET (Positron Emission Tomography) device.

Technical Planning Process

After simulation, details from the procedure are forwarded to medical radiation dosimetrists and medical physicists. These professionals perform highly technical calculations to decide the optimal treatment modality.

Cancer Treatment Stage

Treatment stage

Positioning and Immobilization

Before the treatment commences, the patient reclines on the treatment table. Our experts use lasers, customized moulds and other devices to ensure 100% accuracy in positioning. Immobilization devices are used to ensure that the patient’s position does not change during treatment. This stage is critical to avoid unnecessary toxicity to healthy tissue and to get the correct amount of radiation to the treatment area.

Delivering the Proton Beams

Protons are accelerated in a machine called the cyclotron which results in the particles becoming highly energized. The charged protons are modulated to adjust their energy. A sophisticated beam transport system calibrates the energy and trajectory of the protons. The beam then enters the treatment room via the Gantry. The 360-degree revolving Gantry facilitates delivery from any angle; enabling the proton beams to reach the most complex and hard to access tumours. As the protons travel through the body they interact with electrons and deaccelerate. Once they reach the targeted area they are programmed to slow down sufficiently to release a burst of energy. State-of-the-art Pencil Beam Scanning delivers the radiation dosage pixel by pixel, ensuring peak precision.

Post Treatment Care At APCC

Post Treatment

Proton Beam Therapy is followed up with periodical evaluations to monitor progress. We recommend the best follow-up plan for our patients taking into consideration taking into factors like the type of cancer etc. Our entire team is available to address patient questions or treatment-related health concerns any time after treatment.