Proton therapy has become the pinnacle of radiation therapy in the world. Its game changing efficiency in cancer treatment lies in the use of high-energy proton beams to target and attack tumours. It provides targeted treatment and precision unlike any other radiation treatment. With Proton therapy, we have entered a new era of clinical excellence in cancer treatment.

Proton Treatment For Paediatric Cancer

Proton for paediatrics THE NEW STANDARD OF CARE

Proton therapy is an excellent, proven treatment option for childhood cancers  world-wide. Protons are an exciting aspect of paediatric radiation therapy that promise significant dosimetric improvements in many cases.

Children with tumours in the brain, head, neck, spinal cord, heart, lungs and other areas that are sensitive to radiation can benefit from proton therapy as it allows the oncologist to directly target only the tumour cells. Most tumours in children are treated with surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. While traditional radiation therapy with X-ray beams (Linear Accelerators) can be effective, it produces long-term side effects in most of the children, such as a decrease in bone and soft tissue growth in the treated area, hormonal deficiencies, intellectual impairment including neurocognitive deficits, and secondary cancers later in life. With the use of proton therapy all these side effects can be significantly reduced, ensuring better quality of life.

Proton therapy has become the safest treatment option in treating children affected by cancer and is slowly emerging as the optimum standard of care.