Urologic Oncology / Uro-oncology is the cancer discipline concerned with the research and treatment of cancers of the urinary system for both genders, as well as those affecting the male reproductive organs.

GU oncology: deals with the cancers arising from the urinary system and genital system.

Uro-oncology: deals primarily with the cancers arising with the urinary system alone. In the male, the urinary system is intermingled with the sexual and genital organs whereas in the female the gynaec-oncologist takes care of the cancers arising from them.

The multi-disciplinary team in the department of Uro-Oncology offers compassionate care for those diagnosed with Adrenal Cancer, Bladder Cancer, Kidney cancer ,Prostate cancer , Testicular Cancer, Ureteral and Renal Pelvis Cancer, Penile Cancer.

Why APCC for URO Oncology?

CMT is the way going forward in which a team effort is made by the various specialists in discussing the case threadbare in all aspects and arriving at the right treatment options for that stage of that disease of that patient. Even though guidelines are present to help u with the decision making not all cases fall into the purview of the guidelines and requires diligent evaluation to suit the treatment to that patient, not vice versa

Each member of the Mult-Disciplinary team evaluates the patient in detail individually (to eliminate bias), and then sits together to review the entire history and images alongside the radiologist and the pathologist to chart out a solid treatment plan for the present and the future as well.

Types of URO Cancers

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